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Residential Services

Direct Care
Direct care is provided to the residents on a twenty-four hour, seven day a week basis. The Resident Service Specialists (RSS) are prepared to administer basic health care and habilitative services. They also train residents in the skills of daily living to promote independence.

The Qualified Handicapped Professional (QHP) coordinates and reviews the active treatment plans for the clients. The QHP develops training programs including scheduling and programmatic duties to include functional assessments, daily documentation, monthly reports, and discharge and progress summaries.

Health Services
Health Services provide 24-hour nursing care. Pediatric, orthopedic, and medical clinics are offered in-house on a routine basis. Special Children's Services and the services of Shrinners Hospital for Crippled Children are available if needed.

Dietary Services
Dietary services provides a nutritionally balanced dietary program for all clients. The staff plans meals which meet the special nutritional needs of clients who are at nutritional risk as well as those who require restricted diets. Dysphagia Therapist on staff.